The Ketch Seafood Grill

  2012 Regency Rd,

  Lexington, KY 40503



signature dishes

Maryland Crab Cakes

  Crab cakes made with lump blue crab meat and no

   filler broiled or lightly breaded and fried.

   Choice of two sides.   2/19.89    1/15.99 

Voodoo Island Casserole

  Jumbo shrimp, whitefish and lump crab smothered in

  a Mornay sauce and baked to order with a Parmesan

  crumb topping.  Choice of two sides  19.90

Pina Colada Red Shrimp

  Shrimp lightly breaded with, fresh coconut. Served

  with Thai Sweet Chile Sauce  10/19.80   6/15.60

Crab Stuffed Shrimp

   Baked with  blue crab stuffing, topped with a creamy 

   Mornay Sauce. Choice of 2 sides 19.65

Baja Fish Tacos

   Whitefish, fried or broiled with, tomatoes, cheese, &

  Baja Taco Sauce in warm flour  tortillas. Served with

  guacamole, Black Beans  & Rice  & a side. 13.99

Lobster Tacos

  Lightly battered & fried in two soft tacos with Baja  

 Taco Sauce, romaine, tomatoes, & cheese. With

 guacamole & Black Beans & Rice & 1 side. 19.99

Grill Blackened Mahi Tacos

  Lightly blackened Mahi in two soft tacos with Baja  

 Taco Sauce, romaine, tomatoes, cheese & guacamole.

  With Black Beans & Rice & 1 side. 16.85

Walleye Pike

 Light and flaky, fresh water fish fried, broiled or

 blackened. With 2 sides. 23.50

   seafood platters

           Served with Choice of 2 sides

Pelican’s Platter

   Hand breaded, lightly fried red shrimp, fish, clams

   and crab cake, with Old Bay Tarter Sauce. 23.50

Broiled Seafood Platter

  Red shrimp, scrod & crab cake Cajun BBQ or lightly

  broiled with fresh lime and Old Bay 22.50

Bayou Sampler

  Cajun country favorites...Seafood Gumbo, Cajun

  grilled red shrimp and fried catfish.  19.49

Shrimp Trawler

  For shrimp lovers—Cajun Grilled red shrimp, fried

  shrimp and Crab Stuffed Shrimp with Cocktail sauce

  and Thai Sweet Chile dip.  22.49

Shrimp & Fish

 Scrod & red shrimp, fried, broiled or Cajun BBQ  18.49

Fish & Crab Cake

  Scrod & Maryland Crab cake, fried, broiled

  or Cajun BBQ  18.24

  fried favorites fries & slaw

Fish & Chips

   Fried Scrod & fries. Old Bay Tartar Sauce. 14.65

Select Oysters

   Golden fried selects.  18.99

Jumbo Shrimp

   Hand breaded. 10/18.90     6/14.60

Southern Fried Catfish.  13.99

Clam Strips Half pound. 11.99

Chicken Fingers Honey mustard dip.  12.75