lunch favorites

Baja Fish Tacos

 Fried, broiled or Cajun BBQ whitefish with lettuce, cheddar jack cheese, tomatoes and our Baja

 Taco Sauce & guacamole with flour tortilla. Served with slaw and Black Beans & Rice. 9.99

Grill Blackened Salmon

 Fresh salmon fillet coated in Cajun spice mix & grilled over hardwood coals.

 With Remoulade  Sauce and choice of 2 sides. 14.50

Cajun Grilled Shrimp Kabob

 Wild Red Shrimp basted with Cajun Butter & grilled over hot oak coals

 Choice of 2 sides 12.99

Maryland Crab Cake

 Moist lump crab meat, veggies and no filler, broiled or lightly fried.  Choice of two sides 12.50

Burrito with Chicken or Pork

 Grilled chicken breast or pulled pig wrapped in a soft Flour tortilla with rice,

 black beans, & cheddar jack cheese smothered in Enchilada Sauce. 9.99

Baby Back Ribs

 Tender, smoky ribs with our Memphis style BBQ sauce. Served with fries & slaw. 10.49

Veggie Platter

 Your choice of 3 side veggies with slaw. 8.99

Country Ham Steal

 Center cut with Red Eye gravy. 10.99

Southland Hot Chicken or Catfish

 Breaded boneless chicken breast or catfish with a spicy sweet glaze on white bread

 served with bread and butter pickles with 2 sides.  10.75

   lunch platters

    Served with fries & slaw.

Fish & Chips

 Beer battered Whitefish cooked to order and served with Old Bay Tartar Sauce. 9.99


 Fried, broiled or Cajun BBQ. 9.99

Gulf Oysters

 Select Gulf oysters dusted and fried. 12.99

Jumbo Red Shrimp

 Cajun grilled or lightly breaded & fried.  12.99

Chicken Fingers

 Beer battered chicken breast strips  9.75

Fried Clam Strips  8.99

Ketch Platter

 Lightly fried scrod, red shrimp, clams & oysters. 15.75

Ketch Broiler Platter

  Scrod, red shrimp & crab cake. 14.25


  lunch combinations

 Soup and Salad!

 Bowl of Clam Chowder or Soup of the Day &

 Tossed Garden or Caesar salad with bread.  7.99

 Cream of Crab (Fridays), Chili or Gumbo.  9.49

Soup & Grilled Cheese

 Bowl of Clam Chowder or Soup of the Day with a grilled cheese sandwich 7.99

 Cream of Crab (Friday), or Gumbo 9.00

Lunch Sides 2.99 each

Creamy cole slaw       Dirty slaw       Fries       Old Bay fries         Black beans & rice 

Green beans w/onion & garlic       Hush puppies     Stewed zucchini & tomatoes       Parsley rice