the ketch seafood grill

saturday dinner specials



Lobster Bisque



Frog Legs

Fried, broiled or Cajun broiled 15.99


Flounder Maryland

Chesapeake Bay Flounder stuffed with Crab

Imperial, topped with Mornay Sauce 23.85


Old Bay Shrimp Salad

Creamy shrimp salad with whole shrimp & celery

served with Fresh fruit & Cornbread salad. 14.99


today's veggies

Fresh fruit

Cornbread salad

Parsley buttered potatoes

Glazed carrots

Vidalia onion corn pudding

Fried green tomatoes


 desserts 5.99

Key Lime pie

Chocolate Dream Cake

Italian Cream Cake

Peanut Butter Pie

Bourbon Bread Pudding

Enough for 2!


cool beverages

College Heights Ale 4.00